Wondering Which Interior Design Style Speaks to You? I Can Help...

Home interior design truly reflects the people who live in them. It’s about what you like and, more importantly, do not like and a place to showcase your taste. Most importantly, it's a place that holds family memories too. There is no right or wrong answer to defining your style; think of it as a journey of discovery. Read on for a few steps to get you started.

Step 1: Find Visual Inspiration Without Overthinking

A great way to start on this discovery mission is to search. Pinterest, Google, and magazines hold lots of inspiration. Pinterest is by far the easiest way to gather your ideas into boards. Without overthinking, start pinning pictures without overanalyzing why you like them. Conduct your search by common styles, for instance, "French Country" or "English Country Cottage." Organize your pins by what is most compelling to you in the images. You can make boards by room, color, or style. However you do it, organize it to make it easy for you to reference back to the picture.

Step 2: Determine the Common Thread Between Each Image

Now that your boards are built review what common themes, design ideas, and aesthetics appeal to you the most. Do you notice a common thread in your boards? Is it a bold oriental rug or a deep rich velvet sofa, or do you see dramatic drapery in the room images? Dive into these images more to build upon what's popping out the most to


Step 3: Begin a Concept Board Based on Theme & Style

Now that you're organized and have exciting elements, you can create a complete design for each space. Narrow down the specifics that have the most meaning and that you'd love to have in your area. If this is where you get stuck, hiring an e-Designer can help fine-tune the perfect design direction before you make your final furnishing selections.

I encourage you to explore and discover your interest. This should be fun for you. Make it easy for yourself and step away from what you think you're specifically looking for in your room design. I think we often head to magazines, Pinterest and Social Media and can get overwhelmed by all the options available. Take a beat and start pinning items you like with no other objective; pin them and then move through the process above to narrow things down. You might want something entirely different from what you initially wanted to achieve. And remember, if you need help getting your design underway, I'm here to help—There's no better feeling than completing a room design to relax or share with those you love.

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