Wallpaper Facts that will Reframe the Way You Think

What does wallpaper mean to you? While wallpaper is having a big comeback, I know many of you might associate it with a bygone era of awful prints. 1970's avocado green flowers, anyone? Or maybe it’s a fonder memory, like a small floral print in your grandmother’s home. And of course, last but not least, perhaps a bad experience removing wallpaper. Been there and , done that many times.

In today’s blog post, I’ll have you rethinking some old wallpaper myths. What I'm sharing today will surprise and delight you and, most importantly, inspire you to give this beautiful wallcovering another chance.

1. Wallpaper today IS Far from Outdated

Today’s wallpaper is usually used as an accent wall covering; we don't often see it as the main wall covering. I like the idea of using it as a focal point on a more prominent wall in a room to add more impact to the space. I especially like the idea of an oversized floral print and even solid colors in varying textures depending on your room design; both make a great addition to regularly painted walls within the space. The new and modern applications are tasteful, timeless, and on-trend. And even if you're not one to jump on the trend bandwagon, the heritage prints available are updated in fresh new colorways. There is something for everyone's style preference.

2. Wallpaper is not the Commitment it Used to Be

As I mentioned, using wallpaper on an accent wall has other advantages. First and foremost, when doing smaller areas, you don’t need as much, and depending on the type of wallpaper you choose, they can get pricey. The other significant advantage is the time! Installing wallpaper on just one wall is much easier than an entire room. The investment level and labor commitment decrease significantly, making wallpaper purchasing and installation affordable and manageable.

3. Wallpaper murals

Today’s wallpapers offer so many different patterns; unlike the feminine designs of the past, today's wallpaper selections span every color, pattern, texture, and subject matter imaginable...from floral to woodsy to geometric, there's something for everyone. Another new trend, which is old yet unknown, is murals. The murals available today resemble long-ago paintings reminiscent of the 18th-century murals you would see in homes of the time. It’s yet another great way to add a unique feature to a wall in any room in your home.

4. It's Not Always Busy

In addition to a plethora of wallpaper, patterns and textures are available for a more neutral addition to your decor. Current wallpaper manufacturer offers prints, solids, and beautiful solid textured solutions. These attractive options add texture to a room without the busyness of a pattern.

5. Wallpaper is No Longer Limiting

Another fun fact about wallpaper that you may not have considered is that you don't have to select a single pattern when using wallpaper as an accent. Mixing patterns, textures, color, and even installation direction adds depth and designer quality to any room in your home.

6. Wallpaper isn't just for the walls

Don't forget that wallpaper isn't just for your four walls. It can be a backdrop for built-ins, wet bars, ceilings, and more. I love the look of a wallpapered bookcase or a glassdoor hutch. It’s another opportunity to add depth and character to a piece of furniture. You can even use it to dress up a dresser. The sky is the limit with creative projects to update your home and furnishings with wallpaper.

7. Wallpaper is a Perfect Backdrop for Artwork

Think of wallpaper as a well-designed backdrop. And while today's patterns can still draw attention to the walls, they will complement (rather than compete with) any curated art collection. Think beautiful floral or damask wallpaper with a collected and unique gallery wall full of art that matches your design aesthetic.

8. Wallpaper is Not as Labor-Intensive as One Might Think

Wallpaper isn't as labor-intensive as one might think it is. Wallpaper quality has improved exponentially with the addition of attractive, removable wallpaper options, which are renter-friendly and easy to remove and care for.

9. Wallpaper of Today is Very Eco-Friendly

Something else to think about today, but wallpaper, made of paper, grass, rice, cork, parchment, etc., is mainly renewable and biodegradable. Its low-VOC emissions make it more eco-friendly than most interior paints!

I hope my debunked myths provide you with some encouragement for adding wallpaper to your home.

And, of course, I am here to help if you need assistance choosing a design that works well with your furniture, decor, and personal aesthetic.

To get a professional eye on your walls before deciding on paint or wallpaper, reach out to me!



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