My 5 Favorite Bar Stools for a Fresh & Functional Kitchen

Updated: Aug 30

Barstools play a role in most kitchens these days, with most of us having an island somewhere in this space. Barstools offer up another opportunity to bring style and function together. With so many choices and styles available today, your options are almost unlimited, making it hard to decide. Below are a few of my favorite types.


This wood and rattan barstool style would fit well in any kitchen. Its antique look would add charm to a more modern or traditional space and, of course, be right at home in an older home's kitchen. Find yours here.


French cafe is what I see when I look at this beautiful woven barstool. While this would look great in a cottage or vintage-style kitchen, the colors and textures lend it favorably to many kitchen styles. Grab yours here.


An upholstered high-back chair would be lovely in a neutral decor kitchen, which I know is all the rage now. The lines, textured fabric, and wood detail elevate a simple, neutral palette. Make them yours here.


If you want to bring some coastal charm into your home, wicker, rattan, and woven fabrics will give you that look. These woven chairs with simple lines would love beaotful in a white kitchen where texture plays a role where colors and patterns might be missing. Get yours here.


This beautiful Windsor-style back barstool reminds me of New England. These work very well in Colonial homes or if you want to inject a vintage style into your new build. Purchase yours here.

With so many barstools out there, it can be a challenge to choose the right one! You’re in the right place, though if you need help deciding what to add to your home, I can help.

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