Introducing My Newest Service: Color Consulting

Have you ever picked the wrong paint color for a room in your home? Do you have a hard time determining the undertones of paint colors? Do you know how many white paint colors there are? Too many, right? Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, there's always a cost involved.

Color Consulting Services

Not to worry, I have the solution for all the questions and challenges that come with choosing paint colors! As I've been designing for clients, the question of paint colors and picking a paint scheme for their homes keeps coming up. I've always been fascinated by color theory and decided to take it to the next level and get my Certified Color Expert certification.

My Certified Color Expert Consultations are now available to help you determine a paint scheme with an expert on hand, taking the challenges out of deciding on your own and avoiding costly mistakes.

A color consultant understands the complexity of colors, knows the trends and classics, and has knowledge of paint products. Add creativity and broad understanding to tie all the colors together to be sure they not only go with each other but also go with all the other elements in your room, and working with an expert is a good idea.

How It Works

Step 1: We'll take 15 minutes to chat and discuss your needs.

Step 2: I'll send along a questionnaire to better understand your color preferences and more about the rooms.

Step 3: If you're local, we'll meet in person so I can survey your room(s); if virtually, we'll meet on Zoom so that you can share your spaces with me.

Step 4: Once completed, I'll send design boards with a color palette and my rationale that makes sense for your home.

You'll walk away with color choices to share with your painter—a streamlined and efficient way to choose the perfect paint colors.

In Action...

I recently worked with a client on her new home, which had many wood details, including wood-paneled ceilings. The house was covered in a beige, which was reading "pink" against the wood tones. As a matter of fact, it looked like a band-aid. I determined the new colors based on her favorites, the calming images she shared, and all her new furnishings. I put all 12 rooms together with a perfect paint palette accentuating her furnishings and fixtures. In two hours, she handed over the list to her painter. Now that's efficient.

Choosing one paint color, never mind 12 different rooms, was daunting. With my expertise, knowledge of paint colors, and understanding of how to put it all together based on the color wheel and color theory, I had a new homeowner who was thrilled to get moving confidently with her painter to finish up this big job.

Investing in my color theory education was necessary; I wanted to bring my knowledge forward to help busy homeowners avoid costly mistakes and bring efficiency to the complex tasks of sorting through thousands of paint options. No one wants to pay a painter to fix the bad paint job!

Have a question about this service? Ready to begin? Contact Me here, and let's get started!



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