How to Transform Your Home Office Windows for Beauty and Function

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Many of us abruptly started and continued working from home over the last couple of years. Some of us still work at home, even on a part-time basis. Home offices have been at the forefront of design and will remain an integral and essential room in many homes. With that, some things for you to consider to make a functional office space include the need for natural light that doesn't cause screen glare, privacy from the outside world, and light for Zoom calls that aren't blinding to you or your audience. Having gone through a refresh in my home office, I am offering some good tips on the best window coverings for your home office.

1. Helpful Roller & Cellular Shades

Roller or cellular shades are a fantastic solution if you want a bit of light throughout your space without casting shadows over your desk. Both roller and cellular offer privacy, another essential consideration in creating a well-working office.

2. Versatile Blinds & Plantation Shutters

Blinds and Plantation shutters offer up many different styles and colors. First and foremost, you'll get better light control than a roller shade, and you can rotate the slats to give you the light you need for the task at hand but not completely block your view to the outside. That's a big one for me; I need natural light and feel calm looking outside, especially on those lovely summer and fall days.

3. Customizable Shade Pairings

Combining roman shades with blinds is another great and stylish option, and I love the way you can layer different textures, finishes, and fabrics to create a unique look. The same goes with combining curtains for shade; doing so elevates your office to add some elegance to an otherwise workhorse room.

As you can see, when it comes to your office, you have lots of options to choose from. And remember, make your office where you love to be—my office refresh last year included dark navy blue walls and elegant floor-to-ceiling orange botanical print curtains. I walk into my office ready to go and inspired. I hope these tips encourage you to add beautiful and functional window treatments.

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