How to Create an Amazing Wine Room or area in Your Home

While I love wine, have sold wine, and have visited several wineries here in the US and abroad, I don't consider myself a connoisseur. I like to think of myself as an enthusiast. And today's blog post is just that, having unique places in your home for things you're enthusiastic about. For me, it's wine and bourbon for adult beverages. While having a dedicated room would be great, you can create a nook or area in your home to display your favorite bottles, and they’re usually pretty, to boot!

Essential #1: Carefully Control the Room's Conditions

Wine and other alcoholic beverages are temperate, humidity, and light sensitive. All three elements need to be carefully controlled for optimal storage and display. For instance, you'll never want to place your bottles directly in sunlight. Humidity levels should be kept around 70%, and the ideal temperature to store wine is 55 degrees. While basements can be a great place to start with a wine room or wine area, you can do this in other rooms, too; be sure you can control the elements to preserve the bottles for optimal taste.

Essential #2: Strategically Design the Room's Storage

When designing an area for your collection, make sure you think about the correct type of storage. If your collection is vast enough, I love the idea and look of storing the bottles from floor to ceiling in vintage boxes or on shelves. If budget is no concern, built-in cabinets solve for additional storage of books, glassware, and other essential wine accessories. Adding a wine fridge is a good idea if you need to further cool down a bottle before opening it.

Essential #3: Methodically Select Materials for the Room's Durability

Other essential factors to consider when putting together a space to store wine and serve it up are easy-to-clean floors to wipe up spills and performance fabrics for your seating. Choosing materials that stand the test of time, such as hardwoods and durable surfaces, will give your space a timeless look.

Essential #4: Deliberately Choose the Room's Decor Style and Amenities

Last but not least, don't forget about style and amenities when considering all the essential factors. Comfortable seating, such as a tasting table with chairs or a high table with bar stools, offers endless options for creating a seating and serving area. Depending on your style, dark woods and leathers give a sultry vibe to your space. Go modern with contemporary glass for extra elegance. It is important to keep lighting cozy or bright depending on the style direction you prefer. The options are endless for styling an incredible wine room or wine area in your home.

I've got your back if you're ready for an expert to design your timeless yet on-trend wine room or space in your home! You can reach out to me here.



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