5 Beautiful Foyer Pieces to Accentuate Your Home

Your entryway, whether formal or casual or maybe a mudroom, doesn't take much time or money to design an impactful space the moment your guests enter your home significantly. It sets the tone, so don't ignore this area.


How fun to place your umbrellas right where it belongs and where you can find them the next time you head out the door. Not only is this piece functional, but it's fun and whimsical, bringing so much character to a smaller space. Find yours here.


We all have things in our hands when we walk into the house, and we need an organized place to put them. This helps us not lose the keys or forget to handle an essential piece of mail. Having a place to organize right when you enter solves a lot of problems. Keep a basket handy for keys, gloves, and other quick-to-grab and go items. Find yours here


Keep a trunk tucked under the table; this is perfect for the bulkier items such as scarves, gloves, and purses. Storing things away keeps the area tidy; no folding is required. This beautiful wicker storage basket will add style and texture to your entry. Make it yours here.


If you're on trend and paying attention, then you know coastal grandmother chic is here, and these beautiful storage boxes give you loads of storage and that Nantucket style we all love. Get it here.

The two goals for design apply to the entry or foyer, function, and style. More than any other area of your home, this space is hardworking and needs to function well for how you live. Keeping this area tidy is key to my sanity, and I hope these tips and beautiful pieces inspire you to refresh your entryway.



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