3 Ways to Truly Love Your Home (That Don't Involve Painting the Walls)

I often talk about the power of paint, how it makes you feel, and how it allows you to improve your spaces with little cost and effort. However, it's often not the wall color that's your problem. There are myriad reasons, such as too much furniture and the clutter weighing you down. It could be space planning and how the furniture is arranged in the room. Another big challenge with a space is lighting; you may have too much or too little.

Think about the underlying challenges in the room and then get tackling. Read more for my thoughts on three main reasons your home might be the source of your frustration and how to feel better about your spaces.

Problem #1: Poor Spatial Planning

While paint is magical and offers the opportunity to change the space's feel, it has limitations. The first is poor spatial planning. Simply put, color cannot change the flow of a room, which is key to a functional space. A carefully thought out floor plan is necessary to see a significant change in how a room functions. The size of the area and furniture has to be considered, so before moving things around, take proper measurements and put them down on paper. Measure everything in the space, including the openings for doors and windows. Measure your furniture to be sure you have the appropriate space to put your future and decorative items. Planning is key. You may need to move a few pieces around or edit out elements that are either too small or too large. Grab your tape measure.

Problem #2: Dysfunctional Furnishings

Paint can't help with dysfunctional furnishings. Paint changes nothing about how the room and the items in it function. When considering function, make sure each piece of furniture has a purpose. You also need to consider the correct scale and the look of your room style to keep things cohesive, no matter what aesthetic you choose for your home. Take inventory of what you have, and if something has been lying around, taking up space with no use whatsoever, it may be time to remove it or place it in another area where it might have a better use. Too many chairs in the living room; stick one in a bedroom to create a cozy reading nook. Too many occasional tables; add them to the office space for an extra area to organize mail or place the printer. Remove, repurpose and rethink the functionality of each piece.

Problem #3: Mediocre (at Best) Materials

Color has no relation to the quality of materials in your rooms. Always choose the highest quality and low-maintenance materials you can afford. Purchase furniture or repurposed items that stand the test of time and do not create more work for you or, worst, have you replacing them and costing you more money in the long run. Approach your home design as an investment.

I love to recommend paint to freshen up a space, but it does have to be applied in a harmonious room. That harmony comes from well-designed spaces that function well. Look around your room; if something is off and doesn't make you feel great, think about the things you have and whether they are in the correct spot. You might be surprised that a minor tweak, like moving a chair or table, will do the trick. Then again, it just might be the paint color.

If you're ready to find happiness in your home, reach out to us. We can't wait to hear about your dream space...colors and all!

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