3 Tips for Home Organization that Makes Hosting Easy

It's hard to believe, but the Holiday Season is upon us; how time flies, I don't know about you, but as soon as the leaves fall from our trees, I'm thinking of Thanksgiving first, and then Christmas is right there in the back of my mind. I usually start with, am I hosting? Who is coming, and what do I want to make? Those thoughts also come with, is my house ready? Not only do our houses have to function for our everyday use, but for our guests too. Whether it's a casual dinner or a special event, I think about how my space functions to serve all my needs. In today's blog post, I give you my top tips for making hosting a little bit easier so you can enjoy the company and not fret over the prep.

Tip #1: When Furnishing Your Space, Select Multi-Functional Storage Items

Consider furnishing your space, especially the dining areas, to make setup, serving, and storage all that easier. For furniture, consider adding a credenza, sideboard, or a repurposed desk; yes, you can get creative. Not only does this give you a place to store linked serving ware and candles, but it also adds beauty. Function and beauty are two of my favorite words regarding design.

Tip #2: When Arranging Your Room, Make Multiple Seating Plans

With hosting often comes the challenge of seating. I keep my table extension stored close by so we can pop it in at a moment's notice, and extra chairs can be added quickly, pulling from other areas in the home. The same goes with casual seating; make sure your furniture layout allows you to pull up extra chairs from different places or around your room. Getting this all pulled together before the guests arrive is essential. Get your quick floor plan together and arrange guest seating early, so you're not running around at the last minute. And yes, I said floorplan. You can whip up a quick floor plan to rearrange your spaces for optimal hosting.

Tip #3: When Decorating Your Home, Add Thoughtful Seasonal Accessories

It goes without saying that adding seasonal decor to your spaces makes them festive and fun. Getting all the stuff in and out of storage, not so much! I've talked about plastic bins with lids before for clothing storage. The same goes for seasonal decor and accessories. I like to keep my seasons in one to two bins, except for Christmas. Dedicated containers or boxes make it easy to find everything and keep everything together. I see, too, that keeping seasonal decor to a minimum adds enough elegance and thought to your spaces without adding clutter or overdoing it.

If you're ready for a professional you can trust to make your home beautiful and functional, I'd love to help. Reach out today! Let's chat!



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