3 Home Upgrades You Can Do Yourself in No Time at all

These last few months, as we all know, have been a challenge. Getting any outside help and obtaining all the materials have been a long, exhaustive, and frustrating experience. This is why I painted my floors recently, I couldn't wait for the painter any longer, and the room was making me batty. Today I want to focus on how we can do three updates on our own to bring back that sense of control and the feeling of getting things done.

1. Embrace the Power in a Fresh Coat of Paint

As I mentioned, I went for it and painted my floors. The total cost was $150.00, and it took me two days, including moving furniture. Paint is magical on a floor, a hallway, or an entire room. The impact and change you get for the money and time are incredible. I can't emphasize this enough. My living room with the old and worn-out painted floors looks dramatically different, cleaner, and fresh. I walk in and feel calm and happy, and that's what you need your rooms to do for you. Before opening that paint can, I was annoyed and stressed seeing those floors in such horrible shape. Not anymore!

2. Illuminate Any Room with New Lighting & Hardware

Did you know that old lighting and hardware can date home or make it look tired? Updating your lighting and cabinetry hardware, which you can source at different price points according to your budget, is an excellent way to bring a fresh and new look to your home. Even plumbing fixtures start to look outdated, and for a few hundred dollars at your local home improvement store, you can quickly change the look of a kitchen and bathroom.

3. Transform the Space with New Furniture & Window Treatments

Changing out your window treatments is another way to take your room from drab to fab in no time fast. With so many options in texture, color, and patterns, in addition to a style of hanging and even the rods available today, it will elevate your room easily. Area rugs are another game changer in space. If you need new furniture, remember you don't need it all at once; start planning and make your purchases incremental; this will help with your expectations on lead times and is a budget-friendly approach to updating.

Home is supposed to be a retreat, a relaxing and calm place to get away from the world. We share so much with our family in these spaces; to be stressed about unfinished projects or projects that are taking forever to get done adds to our frustration and takes away from the meaning of home.

If you would like some support navigating smaller home upgrades like these, I would love to help. Reach out, and let's get to know each other.



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