3 Big Ways an Empty Nest Brings New Design Opportunities

The empty nest is a big deal and a significant time in a parent's life. While it can be daunting, it is a fun time to start exploring your interests and make changes at home that suit your new lifestyle!

1. Sensational Style that is Finally Self-Focused

Embrace this time and make your space your own. Use this opportunity to make design changes you've been putting off. Often, we make decisions and sometimes sacrifices when the kids are smaller for safety concerns as well as general care and maintenance (hello, white sofa).

2. Repurposed Rooms for Old Hobbies or New Interests

I am about taking those unused spaces into rooms focused on your interests. Bedrooms can double as a home gym; the living room is just waiting for a cozy cocktail area. It's all about what you want and need in this new phase.

3. Functional Features for Ease Now and in the Future

Think about how you're living your life now, and you need to consider the future. It's never too early to think about how your home and design will impact us as we age. First-floor bedrooms, easily accessible showers, and easy to get into entryways significantly impact long-term living.

So now what, how do you approach all of this? Now that we've thought about a few things, what do you want to do? Is it a room or two, or does the whole house need a refresh? My eDesign services and experience as an empty nester can help you achieve your perfect new phase nest.

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